Worg Lair is the first Dungeon in the Autaric Plains and the very first dungeon alltogether, unlocked at Lvl. 5 and as soon as the quest Worg's Demise starts and recommended for Lvl. 5-7. 


Worg Lair consists of 1 area.

The area is split in two parts, divided by a building. When entering the dungeon for the first time, during the quest Worg's Demise, the barricade cannot be removed, therefore the boss is not accessible. From the second dungeon run onwards the barricade is removed automatically once all Grassland Worgs are defeated. The boss is located behind the barricade and can then be fought.

Pandora's Box is located in the upper left corner of the area, left from the barricade.


The first area contains the following groups of enemies:




During the quest Worg's Demise the dungeon is automatically completed as soon as the 5 Grassland Worg groups have been defeated. The boss cannot be challenged in the first dungeon run.

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