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Worg's Demise is the ninth quest of the game and the ninth quest of the main quest series, available as soon as Claim Gold Mines is finished. It is the first quest in which a dungeon must be entered.


All Grassland Worgs need to be killed in Worg Lair for the quest to be completed. This does not include the final boss fight.


Click on [Campaign] -> Click on [Worg Lair] -> Kill all Grassland Worgs in the 
Many passing travelers and peasants are being attacked by Grassland Wolves in 
the area. Clear them out.


(The quest dialogue starts as soon as the tutorial on the Cottage has been finished)

Dinah: Upgrading your cottages will provide refuge for even more commoners. The larger our population, the more prosperous we will become.
Hero: I just received word from our scouts that some villagers have fallen prey to Grassland Worgs.
Dinah: Grassland Worgs have been causing great trouble to our farmers for quite some time now.
Hero: The village army is stronger than it has ever been. It's about time we test out our skill.

After the dungeon has been entered:

Dinah: Brave one, Grassland Worgs from the the (sic!) Worg Lair have recently been attacking peasants around the village causing much damage and distress.
Hero: Maybe people should not live in such a dangerous place.
Dinah: There are fewer and fewer safe places in this world.
Hero: Well, I will kill any wolves that cross our path, but I'll not seek them out for the slaughter. Even beasts must fight to live.
Dinah: The wolves are infected with an evil presence, a presence slowly filling our world. The wolves are not the illness, but rather only a symptom.
Hero: What is the cause?
Dinah: That...is unknown. But it will take a great hero to fight it.
Hero: You believe I am this 'hero?'
Dinah: Only the gods know that.


Once completed, players are rewarded with 4.000 EXP.

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