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Sylph Class:

Type: Physical

Base HP: 1200


Pan Seal

Pan Seal

Pan can be obtained by using Pan Seal. For obtaining a Pan Seal players have to battle Pan shadows in Lvl. 2 of Sylph Atoll. After each successful battle, the shadow will drop an Essence of Wind. 60 Essence of Wind can be exchanged with 1 Wind Sylph Seal from NPC Alice. Sometimes a Pan Seal in dropped directly after the battle. A Wind Sylph Seal has a chance to drop a Common, Uncommon or Rare Pan Seal. When an individual obtaines a Rare Pan Seal, a announcement is made in Current, World and System chat stating "Congratulations to [Player X] for obtaining Rare Pan Seal. What Luck!"

Editor recommendation: Pan, like Iris is a nice support sylph to have on a team, mainly because of his evolution, Medusa. She has a very good support move, Whispering Wind as well as Steal, a move that can take down opponents quickly if used correctly, even Pan has some good AOEs to help you to victory. However, Pan and Medusa have only one healing move, Airy Guardian, that isn't really that good, so if you were to die, game over.

Battle Rating and ResistancesEdit

Battle Ratting gain count
1 1 1 1 1
Elemental Resistances
Fire Resistance Water Resistance Electro Resistance Wind Resistance Dark Resistance Light Resistance
-200 50 100 200 -100 -100

Skill Book 35x35SkillsEdit

Active SkillsEdit

Pan (Active)
Active skills are permanent skills that cant be replaced
Name Description
Wind's Protection
Wind's Protection
Increase player's HP by 5% when active.
Whistling Blow
Whistling Blow
300% + 100 physical wind damage to single front row. Damage ignores defenses and cannot be dodged.
280% + 125 physical wind damage to back row. Damage ignores defenses and cannot be dodged.

Awakened SkillsEdit

Awakened skills are permanent skills, but they can be replaced with another. They can be bought from Shop's Sylph tab with both Bound and Unbound Balens. 4 Skills come with Pan as default - Gust Strike, Wind's Grace, Apocalyptic Hurricane and Breath Shield (Passive). For Pan's awakened skill prices see Sylph Skill Scrolls.

Name Description Cooldown
Deals 280% + 120 physical wind damage to all enemies. Decreases 500 awakening points for all and increases 500

Awakening points for all teammates.

45 Seconds
Whispering Wind
Whispering Wind
Consumes 500 Awakening points to increase damage dealt by all teammates by 30% for 3 rounds. Cannot be dispelled. 45 Seconds
Generates reflective shields for all party members, reflect 20% damage back, lasts 2 turns. 45 Seconds
Apocalyptic Hurricane
Delphic - Apocalyptic Hurricane
Consumes 500 Awakening points to deal 314% PDMG to all enemies. 45 Seconds
Wind's Grace
Wind's Grace
Deals 145% physical wind damage to 2-4 enemies, and reduces targets' overall resistances by 20%, lasts 3 turns. 20 Seconds
Aquilon's Lament
Aquilon's Lament
Deal 210% physical wind damage to the enemy with the lowest percent of HP. 15 Seconds
Airy Guardian
Airy Guardian
Max HP and current HP increased by 30% for 3 rounds. After use, Max HP returns to its original value. 30 Seconds
Breeze Blade
Breeze Blade
Deals 150% physical wind damage to a single target in the back row. 5 Seconds
Aquilon's Blessing
Aquilon's Blessing
Consumes 500 Awakening points to decrease damage received by all teammates by 30% for 3 rounds. Cannot be dispelled. 45 Seconds
Gust Strike
Gust Strike
Deals 136% physical wind damage to a front row enemy. 1 Second
Wind's Breath
[Passive] Wind's Breath
Increases crit rate by 10% when attacked, lasts 2 turns, stacks up to five times. N/A
Breath Shield
[Passive] Breath Shield
35% chance to decrease damage received by 20% for 1 turn when taking damage. N/A
Master of Wind
[Passive] Master of Wind
When character is hit by a Crit attack, character Dodge rate increases by 30% in the next turn. -
Spirit of Wind
[Passive] Spirit of Wind
When a Crit hits an enemy, its Dodge rate decreases by 30% lasts 2 turns. -

God TransformationEdit


Medusa Seal

Medusa Seal


A Pan with lvl 60+ and purple or orange quality can be refined into its god transformation. It requires 1000 Star Sands and 10 Star Tear - Wind and transforms Pan into Medusa.

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