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Spirit Covenant.png

Spirit Covenant is a bundle of five bonus features: Power of Healing, Free Blitz, Bounty Helper, Lord of Time, and Warrior's Call. Each feature is available in the Shop separately or all five for 1299 Balens (may sometimes be promoted at a lower price).

Power of Healing

Power of Healing.png

The hero does not need to use HP packs to heal after battle.

Free Blitz

Free Blitz.png

Blitz solo campaigns or the Crypt without paying the normal fee in gold.

Bounty Helper

Bounty Helper.png

Immediately complete any bounty quest one selects without performing the associated task. Note that if the task is to acquire troops, it will first check if the troops are available before applying this. As a result, it will reduce the count of that troop by 200 when it completes.

Lord of Time

Lord of Time.png

Allows free speed up in the Altar of Ennoblement. Collect the 60 stamina immediately.

Warrior's Call

Warrior's Call.png

Gives the hero a buff to all stats. Only works in PvE situations like Campaigns and multiplayer dungeons and events. Does not work at the World BOSS or in PvP situations (e.g. Arena or Battlegrounds).