Item Details

Private Medallion
Equipment - Medallion


  • +10% damage to players.
  • Endurance +30 (+600 HP)

Required Class: Any

Required Level: 1

Base Rating: 60

Additional Stats: 0

Sockets: 0

Valid For: 30 Days

Where to Find

The following is a list of places this item can be obtained.


  • This item is meant for PVP situations such as Arena, Guild Wars, and Battlegrounds.Thus does not effect damage dealt to or recieved from NPCs. Though additional effects like added endurance and added charisma will be active in NPC battles.
  • Unlike most items in the game, most medallions disappear after a set amount of time. Thus need to be reaquired when their alotted time has expired.
  • Unlike other equipment, medallions cannot be improved beyond their base battle rating.