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Mystic's Gate UI.png

The Mystic's Gate can be used to relocate your city or to quickly move your hero around in the Wilds. Transporting your city to a new area costs 200 units of stored energy. Teleporting your hero costs 100 units of energy. The Mystic's Gate stores a maximum of 500 units of energy and fully recharges each day at 5:00 AM server time.

In order to move your city around the Wilds, you must locate a "Village" marker on the map. By clicking on the Village, you are then asked if you wish to move your city to the selected location. Once you have accepted, your city will magically teleport to the desired spot and the energy cost of 100 is paid. Players often move their cities around to avoid being constantly plundered, to plunder others, or to be closer to captured gold mines.  

You can teleport your hero back to your city from any place on the map by clicking "Return."  This does not cost any energy.

You can fully recharge the Mystic's Gate for 50 (un)bound Balens.