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Luck stones are used to help increase enchanting success probability. The percentage increase corresponds to the luck stone's level. As with gems, lucks stones can be synthesized into higher level luck stones using the Blacksmith. Since no item can have less than a 10% enchantment rate, the highest level luck stone adds 90% to the enchantment probability.

Luck Stones

Luck stones are one of the most basic items in the game, and provide a big support for players. Luck stones increase the chances of enchanting an item by 10% per luck stone level, up to 90%. This is very helpful for items which can be enchanted over 10 times; for each time an item is enchanted, the probability of successfully enchanting it again drops by 10%.

There are nine total levels of luck stones. Like gems, higher level luck stones can be synthesized from lower leveled ones. Luck stone synthesis is binary; in order to synthesize the next level luck stone, a player must combine two of the same level, plus two times the component luck stones' level in gold (i.e., to synthesize a level 3 luck stone, a player must combine two level 2 luck stones and 400 gold, or combine four level 1 luck stones and 800 total gold).

Note that you cannot break a high level luck stone into lower level luck stones.

Where to find them

Luck stones are found in many places. Low level luck stones drop from low level solo campaigns and multiplayer dungeons. Higher level luck stones drop from higher level dungeons. Luck stones can also be bought from the Guild shop for contribution.

Synthesis Guide

Below is a list of the gold required to synthesize each level luck stone, along with the required luck stones.

Lvl 1

Level 1

  • Level 1 luck stones are found in Guild Shops or as random drops
  • Bought from Guild shop for 2 contribution
  • Add 10% to enchanting success

Lvl 2

Level 2

  • Two level 1's plus 200 gold
  • Bought from guild shop for 3 contribution
  • Add 20% to enchanting success

Lvl 3

Level 3

  • Two level 2's plus 400 gold
  • Bought from Guild shop for 5 contribution
  • Bought from Shop for 35 Balens.
  • Add 30% to enchanting success

Lvl 4

Level 4

  • Two level 3's plus 600 gold
  • Bought from Guild shop for 10 contribution
  • Add 40% to enchanting success

Lvl 5

Level 5

  • Two level 4's plus 800 gold
  • Bought from Guild shop for 20 contribution
  • Add 50% to enchanting success
  • Receive 2 from catching the Luck Stone Fish in Fishing

Lvl 6

Level 6

  • Two level 5's plus 1000 gold
  • Bought from Guild shop for 40 contribution
  • Add 60% to enchanting success

Lvl 7

Level 7

  • Two level 6's plus 1400 gold
  • Bought from Guild shop for 80 contribution
  • Add 70% to enchanting success

Lvl 8

Level 8

  • Two level 7's plus 1800 gold
  • Bought from Guild shop for 150 contribution
  • Add 80% to enchanting success

Lvl 9

Level 9

  • Two level 8's plus 2200 gold
  • Bought from Guild shop for 300 contribution
  • Add 90% to enchanting success