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Insignias are another form of currency in Wartune. They are earned through PvP events, and allow the player to purchase items from the Arena Shop. There is a cap to the number of insignias players can earn in one day, though the cap is created through limited involvment in events.


Insignias are earned through player participation in the PvP events: Arena, Battlegrounds, and Guild Wars. Note that insignias are not won in the Arena Duels. Insignias are awarded per battle in the Arena, and at the end of each Battleground and Guild War matches. Insignias are used primarily to purchase the PvP gear and Medallions from the arena shop.

Previous symbol of Insignia

After 2.46 part 1 patch, the amount of arena attempts was lowered from 30 to 15 per day, but doubled the amount of insignias from winning or losing. In the Arena, a team is awarded insignias from battles: 30 per win, and 10 per loss. The Arena is the largest supplier of insignias to players not members of the top 8 guilds on each of the Servers. Since each player is given 15 attempts at the Arena, the maximum number of insignias able to be earned is 450, and the minimum, provided all attempts are used, is 150 insignias. Battlegrounds give out 30 insignias for a loss and 80 for a win, and Guild Wars hand out 500/450/400 for a loss, 1000/850/800 for a win. (time dependent in intervals of 15 and 20 mins).

Therefore, for a player not part of a top 8 guild, a good day turns out 610 insignias (since Battlegrounds happen twice) and a bad day, 210 insignias. For a player in a top 8 guild who is able to participate in Guild Wars, a good day (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) has the potential to produce 1610 insignias, and a corresponding bad day has a minimum of 610 insignias.

Insignias were stored in the player's inventory, in stacks of maximum 9999, and now they are in Arena Shop at the bottom right.

Insignia can also be used to energize the marriage tree, however, insignia available through the Arena Shop interface cannot be used for that purpose. Insignia gained through the fishing minigame still occupy a slot in inventory and can therefore be used for energizing the marriage tree.