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Symbol of Honor

Honor is a ranking system used on Wartune. However, certain equipment (Medallions and formerly PvP gear) requires a player have a certain ranking of honor to be unlocked and purchasable. Honor is earned three ways: from Battlegrounds, participating in Guild Battle and using "Medallion" item that boost your honor by 500 points per use.


Honor is earned through fighting other players and NPCs as well as carting resources in battlegrounds, as well as fishing the match either by team winning (more honor) or losing (less honor). Honor gained from battlegrounds is affected by your current honor and VIP level, and can be further boosted by using Double Honor Scroll. If you defeat players whose title is higher than you, you earn extra honor. If you end someone's killing spree you will gain more honor too. However, once the player reaches the sixth honor level (Crusader), losing player matches will cause the player to lose honor (10 from the enemy of higher honor and 200 from enemy below your honor amount), which can be reduced or cancelled by having high enough VIP level. Winning or losing Guild Battle also gives honor, which can be boosted by having appropriate guild skill.

If a player wishes to remain competitive, they must earn honor to keep unlocking the higher level medallions, which give the player PvP damage boost/reduction modifiers among other bonuses. Reaching higher level of honor also unlocks different titles with in turn give player slight statistic bonuses passively.

Players are capped at earning 6,000 honor per day and 50,000 honor from using Medallions. Participating in Guild wars and Battlegrounds can make reaching this amount easy, especially if the player is using a Double Honor Scroll.

Honor Rankings

Below is the list of earnable honor titles and their unlockables.

Honor Title Honor Required Honor per kill Minimum Level Unlocks
Commoner default 10 30
Private 2,000 11 30

Private Medallion
Lvl.45 Headgear (M/K/A)
Lvl.45 Neckpiece (M/K/A)

Champion 4,000 14 30

Champion Medallion
Lvl.45 Armor (M/K/A)
Lvl.45 Weapon (M/K/A)
Lvl.40 Epic Shards

Warrior 7,000 19 30

Warrior Medallion
Lvl.55 Headgear (M/K/A)
Lvl.55 Neckpiece (M/K/A)
Lvl.50 Epic Shards

Elite Warrior 10,000 26 30

Elite Warrior Medallion
Lvl.55 Armor (M/K/A)
Lvl,55 Weapon (M/K/A)
Lvl.60 Epic Shards

Crusader 32,000 35 30

Crusader Medallion
Royal Steed Card Shards

Knight Crusader 60,000 46 41 Knight Crusader Medallion

Lvl.70 Epic Shards

Elite Crusader 88,000 59 41

Elite Crusader Medallion

High Commander 126,000 74 51

High Commander Medallion

Imperial Commander 176,000 91 51

Imperial Commander Medallion

Lord Divine 240,000 110 56

Lord Divine Medallion

Wyvern Knight

(Title: Dragon Rider)


Dragon Rider Medallion

Earth Dragon Knight 288,000


(169 w/10% from card)

Earth Dragon Knight Medallion
Sky Dragon Knight 312,000


(196 w/10% from card)

Sky Dragon Knight Medallion
Great Dragon Knight 336,000


(220 w/10% from card)

Great Dragon Knight Medallion
Mythic Dragon Knight 360,000 Mythic Dragon Knight Medallion
Imperial Mythic Dragon Earl 450,000 Rank 1 Mythic Dragon Medallion