Once the Guild Master has been offline for seven consecutive days, all guild members will receive the following in-game mail:

From:  System Mail
Title: Guild Master Transfer Notice

Guild Master <guildmaster> has been offline for 7 days.  If
he/she does not login within the next 3 days, a guild
election will be automatically triggered.

1.Any Assistant Guild Master that has been offline no
more than 3 days will be the automatic candidate.
Otherwise, candidates lower in rank will be found.
2.Players with guild contributions of at least 100 have
voting rights.  The election will last 3 days and the
candidate itht he most votes shall be declared the
3.If, during the election, the Guild Master returns, then
the power transfer will be cancelled.

Note: This is a no-reply system message!

Three days later, this mail will be sent to all members:

From: System Mail
Title: Guild Election Notice

Guild Master <guildmaster> has been offline for 10 days and
new candidates for guild master have emerged! Enter
The guild panel and cast your vote today!

1.Players with guild contribution of at least 100 may
vote.  Voting will be held for 3 days.
2.May the current Guild Master bring glory upon this

Players may vote one time for applicants that meet the requirements for guild master.  At the end of the third day, the member with the most votes will become the new Guild Master with all the priviledges of the new rank.

If the original guild master returns before this process is complete, the guild master will retain their title and status.  If the guild master is again absent for seven consecutive days, the event will begin again.

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