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Fishing Campaign.png

Fishing Campaign is a mini-game type event released after Patch 2.1.2. As of the current patch, Fishing Campaign has been revamped and is now accessible by speaking to Lycus in Cloud City and accessing the Game Box. See here for the old Fishing Campaign.

Level Requirements: Level 28 and above


Fishing UI.png

  • Players get 20 attempts daily.
  • Players must catch a moving fish with the spear, ignoring the obstacles (glass bottles and wooden logs). Hitting one of these, or hitting nothing at all, will not count as an attempt but will increase 5 minute cool-down time.
  • Each fish will leave a reward when it has been caught.
  • Attempts are reset everyday at 05:00 server time.

Insignia Fish 52x35.pngFishes

Normal Fishes

Normal fishes are level based fishes that can be found regularly.

Icon Name Location Reward
Gold Chest Fish.png
Nickel Fish First Row 1x Nickel
Daru Pearl Fish.png
Nickel Fish Second Row 2x Nickels
Luck Stone Fish.png
Nickel Fish Third Row 5x Nickels
Shadow Crystal Fish.png
Enhanced Bounty Scroll Fish Fourth Row 2x Enhanced Bounty Scroll
Bounty Scroll Fish.png
Shadow Crystal Fish Third Row 2x Shadow Crystals
Insignia Fish.png
Shadow Crystal Fish First Row 1x Shadow Crystal
Crypt Token Fish.png
Shadow Crystal Fish Second Row 2x Shadow Crystals
Refinement Lock Fish.png
Bounty Scroll Fish First Row 1x Bounty Scroll
Fashion Shard Fish.png
Nickel Fish Fourth Row 10x Nickels
VIP Card Fish.png
Enhanced Bounty Scroll Fish Fourth Row 2x Enhanced Bounty Scrolls

Special Fishes

Special fishes are fishes which are found rarely and contain special rewards. There is only one type of such fish introduced, the Enraged Fish or Wild Fish. Wild fishes can only be found in the Abysmal Fishing Area or simply the last two rows of the Fishing aquarium. They are disguised as normal fishes which makes them impossible to detect, so it is considered to random. After a player succeeds in catching this fish, it will lit up in a red shade and the player will be given a timer of 2 minutes and options to invite other players to help reel this fish in. It needs a minimum and maximum of 3 players for this. After a successful catch, the player will receive basic and extra rewards and the helpers are rewarded with just extra rewards. If the timer runs out, the wild fish will escape but the player will receive basic rewards. If there was one or two helpers who participated to help will not receive any rewards.

Icon Disguised As Location Reward
Basic Extra
Luck Stone Fish Third Row Lvl.5 Luck Stone Balen
Wild Shadow Crystal Fish.png
Shadow Crystal Fish Fourth Row Shadow Crystal Balen
Bounty Scroll Fish Third Row Enhanced Bounty Scroll Balen
Fashion Shard Fish Fourth Row Fashion Shard Balen
VIP Card Fish Fourth Row 1-hr VIP Card Balen