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The Farm is a collective group of structures that can accessed from a player's city. As of the current patch, the structures that can be accessed are the Adventurous Voyage, the Kitten Club, the Residence, and the Farm/Pasture.


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The Farm is a secondary source of gold, Daru, Kyanite, experience and some other game advantages. It also contains the Tree of Wisdom, which provides some Kyanite and Daru each day. In addition, the Pasture provides players with the materials to create rare items.

Tree of Ancients

Your Tree of Ancients (a.k.a. Tree of Wisdom) can be energized three times per day by you and once per day by each of your friends. Energizing a friendship-level n friend's tree gives you n farm experience.  The tree will allow you and your friends to energize it 9 + (farm level) to a maximum of 30 times for a full charge.

A fully charged tree can be harvested to obtain some Daru and Kyanite. Doing so resets its energy level back to 0. You can harvest your tree only once per day starting at midnight server time.  A level 1 Tree of Ancients generates ? Daru and 1000 Kyanite; each additional level up increases this by (e.g.) 3800 Daru and (e.g.) 100 or 250 Kyanite.  The amount of Daru and Kyanite is not constant per level.  It increases as the Tree of Ancients increases.  More information needed to generate a full explanation.

Farm Plots

See Seeds

Wasted Plant.png
A wasted plant, which can be revived by friends
The farm starts with three farm plots and gains one additional farm plot every 5th level up to a maximum of eighteen. Seeds are stored in the Vault, which can be accessed from the Farm and the Pasture. Placing a seed in a plot will result in a plant that can be harvested after a certain amount of hours. Each plot can contain one plant at a time.

While the plot is occupied, it has a chance of being attacked by weeds and/or bugs. You or any of your friends can click on the plot to remove the weeds and/or bugs and earn 1 experience for their farm.

If a plot matures and it is not harvested, the plant will eventually wither. Withered plants can be revived by a friend whose farm will get 1 experience for the deed. Unlike weeding and exterminating, you cannot revive your own plants. Plants will wither again every 4 hours until they are harvested.

Once a plant is fully grown, it can be harvested by you or any of your friends. Friends who harvest/steal your plants will only take a small portion of the plant's value (10%) maxed up to 3 times. Only the plant's owner can harvest the entire plant.

Farm Leveling

Farm level and friendship are intimately connected. Each time you energize someone else's farm, your farm gain exp points corresponding to the friendship level, eg: if the friendship level between you is 2, your farm gains 2 exp, if the friendship level is 5 your farm gains 5 exp. Your farm level cannot rise above your player level.In the game. These farm exp points from energizing are called "Tree of Ancients exp". A Translation confusion likely based on the way Tree level == Farm level.

Farm leveling increments change as the farm rises in level. From level 1 to level 20 each level needs 5 more exp than the preceding one. From level 20 to 38, it is 10 more than the previous, from level 38 to 49, it is 20 more, from level 49 to 59, it is 30 more, and from 59 to 69, it is 40 more, and from 69 to 75, and possibly higher, it is 50 more. The maximum amount of experience points gained from tending your friends' farms is 200 per day.

You can gain an unlimited amount of farming experience each day from your own farm by weeding your crops or exterminating pests. It's often hard, however, to claim this experience as friends will generally take care of weeds or pests for you within minutes of them appearing. The trick to claiming this extra experience is to realize that the time at which weeds and pests appear is not random.

One hour, four hour and twelve hour crops each have their own timer for weeds and pests, so at specific points in their growth cycle each plant will have a chance (a chance, this is not guaranteed) of spawning weeds or pests. For one hour crops this occurs four times at 40 minutes left, 35 minutes left, 30 minutes left and finally at 25 minutes left giving potentially an extra 36 farming experience per hour if you are very lucky; on average you can expect about half of your crops to grow weeds or pick up pests each time.

More information is needed on the four hour and twelve hour crops. The first time that four hour crops grow weeds, however, is at 2 hours 45 minutes remaining. Additionally, the time scales with land upgrades in such a way that the proportions remain constant meaning that for one hour crops the first weed will appear after one-third of the growth time and then approximately every four minutes thereafter with max land upgrade.

Level EXP Needed Level EXP Needed Level EXP Needed Level EXP Needed Level EXP Needed
1 5 17 85 33 230 49 500 65 1040
2 10 18 90 34 240 50 530 66 1080
3 15 19 95 35 250 51 560 67 1120
4 20 20 100 36 260 52 590 68 1160
5 25 21 110 37 270 53 620 69 1200
6 30 22 120 38 280 54 650 70 1250
7 35 23 130 39 300 55 680 71 1300
8 40 24 140 40 320 56 710 72 1350
9 45 25 150 41 340 57 740 73 1400
10 50 26 160 42 360 58 770 74 1450
11 55 27 170 43 380 59 800 75 1500
12 60 28 180 44 400 60 840 76 1550
13 65 29 190 45 420 61 880 77 1600
14 70 30 200 46 440 62 920 78 1650
15 75 31 210 47 460 63 960 79 1700
16 80 32 220 48 480 64 1000 80 ????

Land Upgrade

When your farm reaches level 30, the Land Upgrade option is unlocked. Land upgrades can be purchased with either Bound Balens or Balens. Each upgrade reduces the time to crop maturity and increases crop output.

Land Upgrade Level Balens/Bound Balens Cost Time Reduction Output Increase
1 - - -
2 18 2% 3%
3 27 4% 6%
4 45 6% 9%
5 75 8% 12%
6 120 10% 15%
7 183 12% 18%
8 267 14% 21%
9 375 16% 24%
10 510 18% 27%

Note: the 2.1 Balens prices are based on reports from server 1, which is beta testing the upgrade. They may change in the future. Perhaps even before the more general releases.

Stealing from Farms

It's possible to harvest from a friend's farm simply by visiting their farm and harvesting their crops before they do. However, a player can only harvest, or 'steal', a friend's crops once. A crop can only be harvested by three friends. Afterwards, no matter how long you wait or even if you revive their wilted crops, you can no longer harvest from it even if you have yet to do so. The maximum amount of experience points from tending others' farms is 200 per day. You can have an unlimited amount of experience from tending your own farm.

By clicking on the Growth Record you will be able to see who has 'stolen' from your crops. The amount which you harvest is 10% less and your friends will get 10% for every stolen.


Players can purchase seeds to place on the Farm and animals to place in the pasture.

Item Requirements Production  Cost  Time (hr)
L1 Daru Seed Farm Level 1 36K Daru 500 gold  1
L2 Daru Seed Farm Level 20 120K Daru 2000 gold 4
L3 Daru Seed Farm Level 40 300K Daru 10000 Gold 12
L1 Kyanite Seed Farm Level 5 12K Kyanite 500 Gold  1
L2 Kyanite Seed Farm Level 25 40K Kyanite 2000 Gold 4
L3 Kyanite Seed Farm Level 45 100K Kyanite 10000 gold 12
L1 Exp Seed Farm Level 10 84K EXP 500 Gold  1
L2 Exp Seed Farm Level 30 280K EXP 2000 Gold 4
L3 Exp Seed Farm Level 50 700K EXP 10000 Gold 12
L1 Gold Seed Farm Level 1 60K Gold 500 Gold  1
L2 Gold Seed Farm Level 15 200K Gold 2000 Gold 4
L3 Gold Seed Farm Level 35 500K Gold 10000 Gold 12
L1 Insignia Seed ? 50 500 Gold 12
L2 Insignia Seed ? 75 2000 Gold 12
L3 Insignia Seed ? 100 10000 Gold 12
Fresh Grass ? 20x Fresh Forage 20000 Gold 4
Red Magic Grass ? 10x Red Magic Essence 20000 Gold 4
Green Magic Grass ? 10x Green Magic Essence 20000 Gold 4
Blue Magic Grass ? 10x Blue Magic Essence 20000 Gold 4

Magic Workshop

In the Magic Workshop, players can craft items with materials obtained from the Farm and the Pasture.

Item Items Needed Gold Cost 
Mount Training Whip Box 10x Horse Hoof, 10x Red Magic Essence, 300x Fresh Milk 250000 Gold 
Mahra Box 10x Goat Horn, 10x Green Magic Essence, 300x Fresh Milk 250000 Gold 
Blood of Zeus Box 10x Antler, 10x Blue Magic Essence, 300x Fresh Milk 250000 Gold 
Green Milk Tea 10x Ox Horn 10x Red Magic Essence, 100x Fresh Milk 260000 Gold 
Red Milk Tea 10x Ox Horn 10x Green Magic Essence, 100x Fresh Milk 260000 Gold
Fresh Milk Tea 10x Ox Horn 10x Blue Magic Essence, 100x Fresh Milk 260000 Gold
Brisk Milk Tea 10x Ox Horn 10x Blue Magic Essence, 100x Fresh Milk 260000 Gold
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