Wartune Wiki

There are a number of scheduled events in Wartune that happen throughout the day.  This requires players to periodically log in at specific times in order to fully enjoy all aspects of the game.  Events include:

Event Reward
Battlegrounds Honor, BG Treasure Shard, Exp
World Bosses Gold, Daru, Titles
Group Arena Insignia, League Insignia
Tree of Ancients (Guild) Experience, Contribution

Schedule of Events

The UTC conversion assumes that Server Time is Pacific Standard Time (PST) / Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), California USA. Note that there are also servers in Eastern Time and European time. These would have different UTC equivalents.

Times also shown in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), London UK, during the Summer months.  In the Winter Months UTC will add 1 hour, ie, 0800 UTC would be 00:00 Server Time.

UTC Server Events Events
0700 00:00 ResetsFarm Limits, Tree, Daily Check-in, Sylph Arena, Guild Shop daily limits (e.g., Legendary Stones).
0800 01:00
0900 02:00
1000 03:00 Titles given out for Solo Arenas, Fishing, Sylph Arena, and Jewel Hunt
1100 04:00
1200 05:00 Resets: Devotion, Stamina, Dungeons, Bounty Quests, Daily Quests, World Chat Limit, Fishing and Jewel Hunt Limit.
1300 06:00
1400 07:00
1500 08:00
1600 09:00 Battleground
1700 10:00 Battleground
1800 11:00 World Boss: Bloodfang (11:35-12:34)
1900 12:00

Group Arena (2 hours)

2000 13:00 Battleground
2100 14:00 Eudaemon arena Battleground
2200 15:00 Eudaemon arena Battleground
2300 16:00
0000 17:00
0100 18:00 Group Arena (2 hours)

Eudaemon arena

0200 19:00
0300 20:00
0400 21:00 Amethyst Double Time Battleground
0430 21:30
0500 22:00 World Boss: Redoga Drake Battleground
0600 23:00 Battleground
Various Times Circuit Quests Reset ( On Monday, 5:00)

Every Saturday the PvP points reset upon collection of rewards, here you receive the Cross server titles and sylph arena titles

Tree of Ancients (Guild Event)

Server Shutdown for Maintenance (weekly; varies on each server.)