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Dragon Soul System was introduced with the 2.46 patch.

Required Level: 40 and above


Dragon Soul System is activated upon completing the Main quest, Path to Power.

Path to Power

Quest is unlocked as the player reaches level 40.


Gain passage through The Void (Nightmare) once.


Talk to Dinah in Cloud City to enter [Hall of Heroes] -> Select [The Void] 
Nightmare -> Clear the MP Dungeons

Legend has it that true heroes have a secret Dragon Soul, it can only be summoned to 
life by surviving "The Void" (Nightmare). When the time comes you will be able to 
advance you class and obtain unimaginable power.


The player is rewarded 100,000 EXP and 30,000 Gold.


Dragon Soul is located in the on the 3rd tab player information and statistics page beside Battle Protection. The Dragon Soul Interface consists of 3 parts: Dragon Egg, Normal Dragon Soul, Advanced Dragon Soul. Every phase requires Dragon Essence to raise its level. Dragon Essences can be obtained from MP Dungeons and Crypt Tormented Necropolis.

Dragon Egg

After activating, the Dragon Soul page features a golden egg. Which after hatching, takes it to phase two.


Dragons Item Required
Hatching Dragon Egg 6 Dragon Essence

Normal Dragon Soul

After hatching, the Dragon Soul page holds a Dragon with level-based attribute boosts. Raising Dragon Soul lights up an orb in the Dragon's body, providing information of the boosts available. Normal Dragon Soul has 5 levels: Common Dragon Soul, Uncommon Dragon Soul, Rare Dragon Soul, Epic Dragon Soul and Legendary Dragon Soul. After the highest level is reached, players will be able to advance their class along with a few other quests.


Dragon Soul Level Level Required Items Required Boost Added
Common Dragon Soul Level 40 Default +1% Max HP
Uncommon Dragon Soul Level 50 15 Dragon Essence +1% PATK / MATK
Rare Dragon Soul Level 60 30 Dragon Essence +1% PDEF / MDEF
Epic Dragon Soul Level 70 50 Dragon Essence +1% PATK / MATK/ PDEF/ MDEF/ Max HP
Legendary Dragon Soul Level 80 72 Dragon Essence +1% PATK / MATK/ PDEF/ MDEF/ Max HP

Advanced Dragon Soul

After Class Advancement, the Dragon Page now holds a bigger and stronger Dragon with stronger boosts. Advanced Dragon Soul is also level-based like Normal Dragon Soul consisting of 8 levels. Instead of rarity these levels are named as their level.


Dragon Soul Level Level Required Items Required Boost Added
Level 1 Dragon Soul Core Trainee Dragon Default +1000 PDEF / MDEF
Level 2 Dragon Soul Core Noble Dragon 50 Dragon Essence +1000 Crit
Level 3 Dragon Soul Core Grand Dragon 120 Dragon Essence +1000 Block
Level 4 Dragon Soul Core Honorary Dragon 300 Dragon Essence +1000 Penetration
Level 5 Dragon Soul Core Imperial Dragon 830 Dragon Essence +1000 PATK / MATK
Level 6 Dragon Soul Core Sacred Dragon 1590 Dragon Essence +5000 HP
Level 7 Dragon Soul Core Mythic Dragon 2240 Dragon Essence +1% PDEF / MDEF / HP
Level 8 Dragon Soul Core Dragon Master 2890 Dragon Essence +1% PATK / MATK