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Sylph Class: Dark


Type: Physical

Base HP: 1200


Hades Seal

Hades can be obtained by using Hades Seal. For obtaining an Hades Seal players have collect a special currency, obtained by completing special monthly quests, and this event currency may be exchanged in Hot Events. A Shadow Sylph Seal only drops a Rare Hades Seal.

With the introduction of patch 3.3, it can also drop (very rarely) on sylph atoll defender last hit.

Editor recommendation: Hades is a perfect sylph for players who want to heal and attack with great power. Hades has skills like Devour Soul that heal for great amounts of health while having a AOE Delphic ( Endless Engulf ) that does massive damage to enemies. However, Hades has weaknesses, his Delphic is one of his only all damaging attacks, Devour Soul, Shadow Strike and Sinister Rot are single target only.

Battle Ratting and Resistances

Battle Rating gain count
1 1 1 1 1
Elemental Resistances
Fire Resistance Water Resistance Electro Resistance Wind Resistance Dark Resistance Light Resistance
50 50 50 50 100 -200

Skill Book 35x35.pngSkills

Active Skills

Hades (Active).png

Active skills are permanent skills that can't be replaced.

Name Description
Dark Pact.png
Dark Pact Lvl. 1
Increases player's PDEF by 5% while active
Darting Shadows.png
Darting Shadows Lvl. 1
320% + 120 physical dark damage to a single front row target. Damage ingnores defenses and cannot be dodged
Serrated Barbs.png
Serrated Barbs lvl. 1
170% + 50 physical dark damage to all enemies. Damage ingnores defenses and cannot be dodged

Awakened Skills

Awakened skills are permanent skills, but they can be replaced with another. They can be bought from the Skills Screen with (Un)Bound Balens. 4 Skills come with Hades as default - Shadow Strike, Devour Soul, Endless Night and Dementia (Passive). As of the current patch all Dark Sylph skills are available for all Dark Sylphs regardless of tier. For Hades' awakened skill prices see Sylph Skill Scrolls.

Name Description Cooldown
Deals 221% physical dark damage to a random enemy and decreases its awakening points by 500. 45 Seconds
Pristine Force (Gaia).png
Pristine Force
Consumes 500 awakening points to instantly restore 40% HP and increase Crit rate by 40%, lasts 3 turns. 45 Seconds
Death's Harvest.png
Death's Harvest
Deals 185% physical dark damage to all enemies and increases damage received by the targets by 10%, lasts 2 turns. 45 Seconds
Endless Night.png
Delphic - Endless Night
Consumes 500 Awakening Points to deal 310% physical dark damage to all enemies. 50% chance to deal 50% PDMG to the targets. Lasts 5 turns. 45 seconds
Devour Soul.png
Devour Soul
Deals 215% physical shadow damage to a single front row target and converts 50% of damage dealt to HP regeneration. 15 seconds
Devil's Gaze.png
Devil's Gaze
Deals 230% physical dark damage to a random target and decreases target's received healing by 50%, lasts 3 turns. Prioritizes players 45 seconds
Dispells 2 buffs on all enemy targets. 15 seconds
Sinister Rot.png
Sinister Rot
Causes a random enemy to lose HP equal to 120% of PDMG each turn for 3 turns. 5 seconds
Orcus's Blessing.png
Orcus' Blessing
Consumes 500 Awakening Points to increases (sic) damage by 40% for 3 rounds. 45 seconds
Shadow Strike.png
Shadow Strike
Deals 170% physical shadow damage to a front row enemy. 1 second
Power of Darkness (Passive) All damage received -15% N/A
Tainted Blood.png
[Passive] Tainted Blood
Every time when receiving a Crit, receive a positive buff, decreasing damage received by 5%, Lasts 3 turns. stacks up to 6 times. N/A
Dementia (Passive)
Damage Dealt +15% N/A
Abyssal Shield.png
Abyssal Shield (Passive)
Chance to receive Crit -30%. N/A
Malediction of Shadow.png
Malediction of Shadow (Passive)
Target has a 10% chance of succumbing to madness and will target friends and enemies alike for the next round. N/A

God Transformation


A Hades with lvl 60+ and purple or orange quality

Gaia Seal

can be refined into its god transformation. It requires 1000 Star Sands, 10 Star Tear - Dark and 500 Divinity Shards to transforms Hades into Gaia.