Crypt Shop
The link to the 'Crypt Shop' is contained within the Forgotten Catacombs window.  Players may obtain various items by exchanging Crypt Tokens that are earned by fighting your way through the Forgotten Catacombs and Tormented Necropolis. What is for sale is determined by what class a player has chosen.  You must have also completed certain levels of the Catacombs to unlock some items.  Items may be purchased even if they require a higher level to be worn.

General Merchandise

The following is a list of merchandise available in the Crypt Shop to all player classes.  Most of the items in this category are used for item synthesis in the blacksmith to create PvE equipment.  The recipes may require quantities of crystals or Legendary Stones to transform these into equipment.

Item Name Unlock Condition Crypt Token Cost
Gold Chest none 1
Troop Count Scroll none 30
Health Scroll none 30
Physical Defense Scroll Catacombs Lvl 15 30
Magic Defense Scroll Catacombs Lvl 20 30
Crit Scroll Catacombs Lvl 25 30
Magic Attack Scroll Catacombs Lvl30 30
Physical Attack Scroll Catacombs Lvl 30 30
Kyanite Pack ?? 10
Soul Crystal ?? 25
Soul Seal ?? 25
Bead of Influence ?? 100
Tenacity Mark ?? 100
Fate Stone ?? 100
Darknight Steed Card Shard Catacombs Lvl 100 300

Old Shop Items

See here for old shop items.