Claim Gold Mines is the eighth quest of the game and the eigth quest of the main quest series, available as soon as Resource Harvesting is finished.


To achieve the quest, the Wilds need to be entered. This is done automatically as soon as the player selects the quest. Afterwards two Gold Mines need to be occupied.


Click on the [Wilds] button -> Select and assault two Gold Mines.
The Gold Mines outside the city have been occupied by opposing forces. Go retake
your Gold Mines!


Dinah: Gold is an important resource that our city needs to grow. Let's return to the Wilds and capture our first gold mine! 
Hero: I guess you can never have enough gold. Let's go!

After the first gold mine has been captured:

Dinah: Well done, my liege. We have reclaimed the gold mines from the hands of the enemy!
Hero: We mustn't allow them time to recover. Let's go reclaim a second gold mine!

After the second gold mine has been captured:

Hero: Great! I now have control of two gold mines!
Dinah: Congratulations! We now have enough resources to continue developing our infrastructure. Please, head back to the village to continue.


Once completed, players are rewarded with 4.000 EXP and 500 Gold.

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