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The Bounty Hall was a Building located in the player's city.  While the building can still be found there, its functions, as of patch 2.1, have been moved to the Bounty Board in Cloud City. The building itself is no longer interactable.  Normally, a player can complete up to twenty bounty quests per day. Sometimes, an event will allow you to complete thirty bounty quests.

The board always provides four quests at a time and will reset automatically after thirty minutes. The available quests can be reset manually for free twice a day and afterwards for 10 Balens for each additional reset.

Bounty Quests:

BOunty Quests.png

Only one bounty quest can be active at a time. The quests are separated into different levels represented by five colors: white, green, blue, purple and orange, with white being the lowest level and orange being the highest. The higher the level, the larger the reward offered.  Note that it is possible to fail a bounty quest.  For example, you fail to defeat the target of the "Bounty Hunter" quest.  If this happens, you do not lose the quest.  You may keep the quest and repeat it until you either abandon or complete it.

Possible bounty quest variants:

Type Variants Notes
Astro Maven

(Capture Astrals)

1,2,3 When you click the "Complete Quest" button, any astrals will be picked for you, but you will be unable to sell them.
Bounty Hunter

(Apprehend X)

Defeat the listed enemy.  Generally easy.
Collect 10 resources Amethyst, Copper, Wood As of patch 2.1, it appears that this bounty quest has been removed.  (Confirmation?)
Defeat the Evil

(Kill Monsters of the Same Level)

10, 20, or 30 Defeat the indicated number of enemies in single player campaigns, in multiplayer dungeons or in the wilds.
The Dendrogenous Zone

(Energize the Tree of Ancients (Friends))

1, 2, or 3 Energize your friend's (not yours) Tree of Ancients. 
Enchanting Master

(Enchant Any Piece of Equipment)

1, 2, or 3
Guild Contribution

(Have Guild Contribution of X)

10,20 It means make a contribution of X, not have.

(Complete a QTE Exercise)

7,10 You have until the timer runs out.  If you fail, you can repeat the attempt with no penalty.
Recruit 200 troops Any troop you have unlocked The troops specified will be lost when you complete the quest.
Socket a Gem You may remove and then reattach any gem you have currently socketed and that will count as well. 
Shop Consumption Use Balens or Bound Balens to purchase an item
Synthesize an Item Gems, Refinement Crystals, Luck Stones, etc.
Whack-a-Mouse 500, 800, 1000 Hit the snarky mice with the ham leg.

Abandoning Bounty Quests:

To abandon a bounty quest: open the quest log [L], select the bounty quests section, highlight the unwanted quest, and then click "Abandon Quest."

Abandoning a quest will allow the player to accept a new bounty quest instead, but will forsake any possible rewards the old quest may have given.

Bounty Quests2.png


To calculate the amount of EXP and Gold you can get, look at this table:

Quality of Quests (Color) EXP / Lvl. Gold / Lvl.
White 500 20
Green 1000 40
Blue 1500 60
Purple 2000 80
Orange 3000 120

e.g. a lvl74 toon has a green bounty quest : 74000 EXP and 2960 Gold but in orange 222000 EXP and 8880 Gold