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Current Winter Barracks Design

Previous Barracks Design

The Barracks is a Building where you train and recruit Troops. Upgrading your barracks unlocks new Troops and increases the maximum level all Troops can be upgraded to. No Troop can be upgraded to a higher level than your Barracks.

(See the Building page for upgrade costs and cooldowns)

Types of Troops

Details on the troops can be found on the Troops page

Troop Description
Lancer The most basic of soldiers who carry sharp lances that shred anything that is in their path.
Hunter Uses bow and arrows to launch ranged attacks; possesses and exellent attack rating.
Paladin An elite type of soldier that has exceptional attack and physical defense abilities.
Priest A master of elemental magic that has exceptional magic attack and defense abilities.
Gryphon A domestic breed of gryphon that boasts fast attack speeds and strong defenses.
Knight With virtually impenetrable armour, knights have some of the best battle capabillities.
Angel A divine race of angelic warriors that will only submit to the strongest of masters.
Templar A righteous warrior that is proficient in combat skills and sparring.
Warlock Controlling the forces of darkness, warlocks are capable of using all kinds of black magic.