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The Arena Shop is where players may purchase various items with Insignia earned through the Battlegrounds, Guild Battles, and Multiplayer Arena. (Note: Armor and Weapons available are dependent upon a player's chosen class.) Most of what is for sale requires a player to have obtained a certain level of honor in order to be purchased.  The Arena Shop can be accessed on the main Arena window by clicking on the solo challenge link in your daily window or by talking to Elise on the main platform of Cloud City.

While many of the items and gear sets are intended for a player versus player setting, they are not limited to just PvP.  Players may use them in campaign dungeons as well.

League Shop

Item Name Unlock Condition League Insignia Cost
Lvl 6 Defense Potion.png
Lvl. 6 Defense Potion
- 200
Lvl 6 Charisma Potion.png
Lvl. 6 Charisma Potion
- 200
Lvl 6 Endurance Potion.png
Lvl. 6 Endurance Potion
- 200
Mystery Runestone.png
Mystery Runestone
- 20
Fate Stone.png
Fate Stone
- 10
Will Crystal Shard.png
Will Cristal Shard
- 5
Advanced Physical Defense Scroll.png
Adv. Physical Defense Scroll
- 300
Advanced Magical Defense Scroll.png
Adv. Magic Defense Scroll
- 300
Advanced Health Scroll.png
Adv. Health Scroll
- 300
Advanced Troop Count Scroll.png
Adv. Troop Count Scroll
- 300
Advanced Crit Scroll.png
Adv. Crit Scroll
- 300
Venomous Leopard Card.png
Venomous Leopard Card
- 3000
Runestone (Small Runestone).png
- 5

General Merchandise

The following is a list of merchandise available in the Arena Shop to all player classes.

Item Name Unlock Condition Insignia Cost
Lvl 1 Endurance Potion.png
Lvl. 1 Endurance Potion
- 30
Lvl 2 Endurance Potion.png
Lvl. 2 Endurance Potion
- 60
Lvl 3 Endurance Potion.png
Lvl. 3 Endurance Potion
- 120
Lvl 3 Exp Book.png
Lvl. 3 EXP Book
- 10
Soul Seal.png
Soul Seal
? 5
Sack of Gold.png
Sack of Gold
? 100
Sack of Kyanite.png
Sack of Kyanite
? 100
Soul Crystal.png
Soul Crystal
? 1
Warrior's mark.png
Warrior's Mark
? 1000
Runestone (Small Runestone).png
? 50
Private Medallion.png
Private Medallion
Title: Private 1000
Champion Medallion.png
Champion Medallion
Title: Champion 1200
Warrior Medallion.png
Warrior Medallion
Title: Warrior 1400
Lvl 6 Crystaloid.png
Lvl. 6 Crystaloid
Title: Elite Crusader 40
Elite Warrior Medallion.png
Elite Warrior Medallion
Title: Elite Warrior 1600
Royal Steed Card.png
Royal Steed Card Shard
Title: Crusader 500
Crusader Medallion.png
Crusader Medallion
Title: Crusader 1800
Knight Crusader Medallion.png
Knight Crusader Medallion
Title: Knight Crusader 2000
Elite Crusader Medallion.png
Elite Crusader Medallion
Title: Elite Crusader 2200
High Commander Medallion.png
High Commander Medallion
Title: High Commander 2400
Imperial Commander Medallion.png
Imperial Commander Medallion
Title: Imperial Commander 2600
Lord Divine Medallion.png
Lord Divine Medallion
Title: Lord Divine 2800
Dragon Rider Medallion.png
Dragon Rider Medallion
Title: Dragon Rider 3200
Earth Dragon Knight Medallion.png
Earth Dragon Knight Medallion
Title: Earth Dragon Knight 3600
Sky Dragon Knight Medallion.png
Sky Dragon Knight Medallion
Title: Sky Dragon Knight 4000
Great Dragon Knight Medallion.png
Great Dragon Knight Medallion
Title: Great Dragon Knight 4400
Mythic Dragon Knight Medallion.png
Mythic Dragon Knight Medallion
Title: Mythic Dragon Knight 4800
Rank 1 Mythic Dragon Medallion.png
Rank 1 Mythic Dragon Medallion
Title: Imperial Mythic Dragon Earl 4800

Old Shop Merchandise

See here for old shop items.