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Ancient Relics are a feature that was added in Patch 7.6. After achieving Class Advancement, players can talk to Brad in Cloud City as part of a quest to obtain a Relic Chest that will give enough Relic shards to synthesize an Ancient Relic.

Ancient Relics

There are currently 12 Ancient Relics available. In addition to increasing stats, each Ancient Relic has a special skill.

Ancient Relic Relic Skill
Azure Stiletto Loss of Power - 1% chance to remove 1 beneficial buff from target.
Sword of Delusion Thistles and Thorns - Each block has a 5% chance to reverse 11% damage.
Rapier of Damnation Super Bombardment - 1% chance to confuse the enemy for 1 turn.
Oracle Arch Four Tunes - 1% chance to recover 1% HP when attacked.
Downfall Spear Unbeaten Glory - 1% chance to remove 1 negative buff from yourself when taking damage
Unholy Saber Rainbow Strike - 1% chance to stun the enemy for 1 turn.
Demonic Texture Rockstar - 1% chance to cause an enemy to forget 1 skill. Lasts 2 turns.
Spear of Slumber Crimson Piercer - 1% chance to ignore 10% of an enemy's PDEF when the enemy is hit. Lasts 2 turns.
Paralyzing Dagger Excited Heart - 1% chance to reduce damage received by 15% when taking damage. Lasts 2 turns.
Hand of Riddles Armed Lord - After taking damage, 1% chance to recover HP equal to 15% of damage dealt next turn.
Hide of Heroism Cursed Complaint - 1% chance to cause the target to bleed, losing HP equal to 50% of skill damage each turn. Lasts 2 turns.
Valor's Edge Furious Energy - 1% chance to increase crit damage by 30% each turn. Lasts 2 turns.

Upgrading a Relic will increase a Relic's skill effects and increase the multiplier for Relic stat bonuses. Each Crystal will give 10 Relic EXP.

Level Crystals Required Stat Multiplier
1 Base 100%
2 100 Star Crystals 150%
3 150 Star Crystals 200%
4 200 Star Crystals 250%
5 300 Star Crystals 300%


Ancient Relic Cast.png

In this tab, players can use Cast Stones to increase the stat bonuses that each relic gives. There are 7 stats that can be boosted, PATK, MATK, PDEF, MDEF, Penetration, Block, and HP. Every time a Cast Stone is used, a random stat is boosted by 1-10 points. Casting can increase a player's stats by truly enormous amounts; for example, Oracle Arch can provide over 10 million extra HP when HP bonus is maxed out.



Ancient Relic Resonance.png

In this tab, players can place relics in slots for additional stat bonuses. There are five slots to place relics in, and each slot inherits a different stat; the five stats inherited are ATK, DEF, Penetration, HP, and Block. In addition, players can also place Pennants in Pennant slots at the bottom of the screen for stat bonuses and buffs; one Pennant slot unlocks for every Relic that is placed in a Resonance slot.


In this tab, players can use Pennant Engrave Stones to increase the levels of Pennants and raise their stats. The maximum level for each pennant per quality level is 5.

The amount of Pennant Engrave Stones needed per level are as follows:

Level Uncommon Rare
0 Base Base
1 50 100
2 100 200
3 150 300
4 200 400
5 250 500


In this tab, players may ascend Lvl. 5 Pennants, which upgrades them to a higher quality, improves their stat bonuses, and adds an additional attribute. Ascending a Pennant requires a number of Lvl. 5 Pennants of the same quality and Pennant Ascension Stones depending on the rarity.

Rarity Lvl. 5 Pennants Needed Pennant Ascension Stones Needed Number of Attributes after Ascension
Uncommon to Rare 1 200 2
Rare to Epic 2 500 3


In this tab, players may recycle Pennants to obtain Pennant Engrave Stones.

Quality Pennant Engrave Stones Obtained
Uncommon 5
Rare 10